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31 Days of Prayer

During the month of October…

thousands of churches will be praying for our country. Through an historic initiative calledPray31, congregations from coast to coast will experience the power of intensive, purposeful prayer. It’s part of a nationwide movement with the ultimate goal of one million people praying for one month for this one nation under God.

A Simple Plan, A Unique Resource

Pray31 is based on a simple plan: 31 days of focused prayer for America.

The guide for this 31-day journey is a unique resource, the Pray31 U.S. Prayer Atlas. Church members use the Atlas for just a few minutes every day, praying for that day’s requests. By the end of the 31 days, they will have prayed across America. In the process, their own lives will be spiritually enriched and energized.


31 Days of Prayer

The information you find here is correct, just a little dated. We are in the process of updating. The best place to get current info is on our facebook page. 

Just search for Reedsport Foursquare Church.

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