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Ministries and Events

We believe that God put us in families to help us grow. Here at RFC we try not to so overwhelm people with activities that there is no time to do things at home or at school. We do however want to equip you to be successful in what ever you do. Our events, Bible Studies or classes are planned to help you along the way.



Cleansing Streams
Cleansing Stream

One of the Core foundations of our body is learning to walk with Jesus on a daily basis; to be a 24/7 Christian.  Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to empower us as witnesses here on Earth. That can be a pretty tough job if we are hindered by the weight of our past and sin that wraps us up. In Cleansing Stream we learn how to Walk by the Spirit, Turn things over to God, Speak Words of Life, and Cleanse Ourselves.


Twice a year we offer this 11-week class and retreat. Probably 90% of the church has been through it and now help pray for people and minister freedom to others. As one person said, "next to getting saved, Cleansing Stream is the most important thing I've done as a Christian!"

Cleansing Streams 2

Youth Ministry

Besides our Wednesday night youth service, our youth participate in many events and conferences during the year. They have gone to many concerts, regional conferences such as Acquire the Fire, Jesus Culture, Generation Unleashed and our own Foursquare camps and conferences.


They help staff our fireworks booth over the 4th of July and do other fund-raisers to help each other get to their events.


For many years we have spearheaded city-wide events such as See You at the Pole or 30 hour Famine. Being a teenager can be a big challenge in this season. By working together and staying connected, we hope our youth will make good choices and grow up with a great relationship with Jesus and their family.


Royal Rangers and WOW Girls

Info. coming soon.

Children's Ministry

We love kids! They bring us life and encouragement! They also bring us lots of energy. Thanks to the foresight of some early members we have enough room to run and play outside and just enough space inside. For now, our youngest members up to about 2 years are welcome to stay with their parents in the sanctuary or play in the nursery while parents watch the service on TV.


For those two years and up we have Kids Church during our adult service. There is worship and snack with the other classes then the children split up in age and ability groups to study the Bible, learn about missionaries or how to get along in school or with their brothers and sisters. We believe parents are the primary models for children and try to support them in the classroom.


God instituted families and loves children. They can come to know Jesus at an early age and can participate as full believers at the level they are at. We teach children to worship, pray, and live in their giftings.

Prayer Ministry

Many of the folks who've gone through Cleansing Stream have gone on to receive extra training in prayer ministry. This has become a real strength to our body as we have many mature, trained adults who can meet with someone either at the altar on Sunday or in specially scheduled prayer times. During these prayer times individuals may find someone to join with them in prayer about issues concerning themselves or their family or may have some intense times of spiritual warfare. Either way, folks can be assured that someone who is released to pray with them has received training and mentoring to prepare them for this ministry.

Family Festival

For 15 years Reedsport Foursquare has hosted a community back to school event in August that has become a mainstay for many families in the Reedsport area as they prepare for school. Each child attending Family Festival receives a bag or backpack filled with  many needed school supplies. A clothing giveaway, haircuts, bike rodeo, face painting, games and lots of free food, make this a fun day for 300-400 people each year. The whole church pitches in and helps where they can and other churches come to join us. It is truly amazing what you can accomplish if everyone does their part.

LUMA (Lower Umpqua Ministerial Association)

Reedsport Foursquare is part of the LUMA, a group of Christian churches in the Reedsport area, that have banded together to impact the cities of Gardiner, Reedsport and Winchester Bay. Through contibutions from churches, individuals, grants, and organizations, LUMA provides help to folks who need a hand up once in a while. LUMA is the covering for Project Blessing, a local Food Assistance Program located near the Lions Park. Families can go there Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 1-3. LUMA also coordinates community worship services like National Day of Prayer, Good Friday, and other special events.

Mini-retreats and conferences

Over the years we've found that most of our folks have difficulty attending weekly events, so we try to schedule, short but intense times of learning and growth. These usually take the form of a Friday/Saturday or multiple night series in the same week.

We've held men's and women's conferences, parenting classes, date nights, financial classes, prophetic retreats, lock-ins for youth, 30 hour famine and more.


We sometimes hold weekend retreats. These are usually Friday night and Saturday morning events so people don't have to go out of town and/or spend lots of cash. If there is something you think we are missing be sure to ask us and we will see if it seems right to us and the Holy Spirit.'

Ministry Opportunity

Project Blessing is needing helpers to work in the food bank. If interested show up between 12:30 and 3:00 Tuesday & Wednesday or talk with Pastor Terry for more information.


Operation Christmas Child

Together with you and the more than 100,000 dedicated volunteers in the U.S., we are able to share the love of Jesus Christ and the joy of Christmas with millions of boys and girls. There are several ways you can partner with us. 

Prophetic And Evangelistic Meetings

Roger Smets

Roger is a Foursquare evangelist bringing fresh words of revelation through words of knowledge and Holy Spirit inspired scripture to individuals in his meetings.


Dick Williams

Dick is truly an inspired troubadour of the Gospel. His songs and prophetic teaching are right on. When Dick comes they bring a fresh wind of God that encourages and blesses all within earshot.


The information you find here is correct, just a little dated. We are in the process of updating. The best place to get current info is on our facebook page. 

Just search for Reedsport Foursquare Church.

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